is a lifestyle blog for the lesser known new normal: the untethered, independent female, unabashedly true and unshackled to convention.

                                                                            the brains behind this operation

jme is a thirty eight year old late bloomer. Having marinated for thirty five years, she waited until the time was right to take center stage. And now that she's there, she's never going back. 


Christine, 46, is an aesthete; empath; bon vivant; and idiot savant with an emphasis on music, archaic pop culture and armchair psychology.  Having spent the past 22 years honing a sinewy brain and robust backbone as an information dominatrix in the legal field, she is now dipping her toe into the abundant cultural collective known as Jealous Much.  In so doing, she is ready to share her personal, womanly perspectives and eccentricities with you, our esteemed readers.