When I am an old lady I shall wear whatever the hell I want

When I am an old lady I shall wear whatever the hell I want

I recently had a conversation with my sister in law about how I've taken to wearing lipstick in my late 30's. She confirmed that this was kind of a "thing", as women tend to become more critical of they way their eyes look as they age, and rock it out a little harder with the lips in protest. At first I was horrified, thinking my god, are my eyelids drooping? Do I need cataract surgery? Then after reacting internally with HEY WAIT, I'M STILL VALID!!! I realized she was right--in a way. Women are horribly insecure about aging. And I'm feeling it already, as I make the slow creep up to old 40's mountain; the first peak of many that no one one wants to look at, get to, or fall off of. But my next thought was TO HELL WITH THAT. I'm going to do whatever the hell I want.

Enter the era of the CATEYE.

I do what I want. To hell with the whole lot of ya...

I do what I want. To hell with the whole lot of ya...

A few weeks ago I was totally, completely inspired by a woman I helped at work. She was white haired with an adorable short haircut, and wearing the classic red heart shaped sunglasses. Something clicked in my brain... NEW GLASSES! And I started doing my research.

Online eyewear sites are popping up all over the place. Some seem more legit than others. There's Warby Parker, which although cool, didn't thrill me. There's Vint & York, which thrilled me a whole lot more with their 1920's aesthetic. But I was looking for something more daring, more retro, more sleek. Enter Bonlook.

I did a little digging around and found this review. I liked how she broke the experience down, so I figured I would do the same...

The worst part of ordering glasses online is the amount of uncertainty in whether or not you are making a horrid life choice in terms of face shape. Will these glasses make me look exactly like the horse I see myself as? Bonlook has a really cool Virtual Try On feature that lets you upload a photo of yourself for eyewear modeling purposes. It's not as good as trying the frames on in person, but it at least gives you an idea of what to expect (or avoid). After uploading some terrible photos of myself (GOOD LORD) I went through the OCD process of trying out several different types of frames, designs, and colors. I kept going back to the  Keiko frames in barbie pink. (*Yet another thing to develop in my late 30's: my obsession with ballet pink. I CAN'T QUIT YOU!!! It's just pink enough to not be white, and not insane enough to give you a migraine or make you feel like you are an extra in Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam.)

Once you decide on the frames and start your order you'll need to fill out your order form with your prescription. Your optometrist should be able to give you a print out of this information. One thing to note: they will ask for your PD, or pupillary distance measurement. My prescription print out from my doctor did not have this... however, you can upload a photo to your order form that should help them figure it out for you. EASY!

Their frames and lenses are usually $99, but because I am so blind I had to pay a little extra for mine. About $130 total for my set up of cute frames and coffeetable-thick lenses. Still way cheaper than what I usually pay at the optometrist's office for a new pair, even with insurance.

10 days later et voilà...

bonlook.com GIT SOME



I'm 38 years old, and I'm finally completely in love. 

And now the only problem is wanting one in every color...






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